With extensive experience at home and abroad.

For over 40 years now the name Helmut Angerer has represented quality in boiker, tank and container constuction.


Company foundation by Helmut Angerer sen. Located in an abandoned production site in Salzburg. First orders included apartment tanks for oil stoves.


Start of production of basement tanks up to a capacity of 100 000 litres, first employee hired.


Massive drop in sales due to oil crisis


Adjustment to other products such as water and heating distributors
as well as buffers for solar arrays


Start of production of filter tanks for water treatment plants


Relocation to the new site in Eugendorf near Salzburg, production expansion
to larger containers


Launch of foreign assembly in Slovenia, Hungary, Germany and Greece
(et al 30 diesel oil tanks at the new airport in Athens)


Export expansion with main focus on Germany


Transformation of sole proprietorship into Ltd. Transfer of company
to Helmut Angerer.


Construction of large containers up to 100 m³ capacity


Extension and modernisation of the company